AGM & Bord of Management Ballot

The AGM of the Parents’ Association will take place on Tuesday, 22nd October at 8pm in the school hall.  All parents of children enrolled in Kentstown National School are welcome to attend.  Please note that at that meeting the Board of Management will be seeking nominations from parents to stand as Parent Nominees – see below.  Any parent wishing to be nominated must be in attendance at the meeting on the 22nd October at 8pm.  



Parents’ Association of Kentstown National School

Tuesday, 22nd October at 8pm

  1. Introduction and welcome
  2. Principal’s address
  3. Role of the PA
  4. Secretary report 18-19
  5. Treasurer’s report 18-19
  6. Election of committee 19-20
  7. Board of Management ballot for Parent Nominees**** – see below
  8. AOB

Board of Management Ballot

Dear Parent/Guardian,

As you may be aware the current term of the Board of Management will expire on 30/11/2019 and a new Board of Management takes up office on 01/12/2019.

Two parents of children enrolled in the school (one being a mother and the other a father) must be elected by the general body of parents of children enrolled in the school.

A meeting will be held at the school on Tuesday, 22nd October at 8pm. 

At this meeting:-

  1. Nominations will be sought from parents for persons to stand for election as parent nominees**** on the Board.
  2. A ballot will be held at the meeting to elect the nominees. If there is only one nominee for either panel, the nominees shall be deemed to be elected. If more than one nomination is received for either of the panels, a secret ballot shall be held at the meeting.


**** The role of the Parent Nominee on the Board of Management

Even though Parent Nominees are elected by parents, they do not represent the parent body. 

Parent Nominees are elected by the parent body to bring “a mother’s view” and “a father’s view” to Board of Management deliberations. To this end, their contribution to the Board is a very important one, and they are not required to consult with the wider parent population, take instruction from them or report back to them.