Our Mural


We had the official unveiling of our wonderful mural on Wednesday 13th October when the artist Grace McDonagh, who worked with the senior pupils last year, returned to talk to us all about the piece, the symbolism behind the design and answer the children’s questions. As Grace explained the work depicts County Meath with its rolling hills, the majestic River Boyne and Mystical Newgrange.

The leaves blowing in the wind or floating on the water can be seen the entire length of the mural and represent all the children who come to school in KNS and pass from Junior Infants onto 6th class and then on to secondary school. The words written throughout are both descriptive and inspirational, Respect, Knowledge, Misneach, Positivity, Grá, Dóchas, Kindness. Our National Flag is also there and finally the phrase Mol an Óige – Praise the Young. If you haven’t had a good look at it yet do take a moment.

As Grace explained when asked, the bumble bees represent bumble bees – and she included them because there were bees buzzing about her as she worked. Sometimes it’s the simplest explanation that makes the most sense!