Incredible Edibles Task 2 – 3rd Class

Task 2 – 3rd Class

3rd Class have been busy learning about food and its origin.

We looked at the types of food that we grow/produce in Ireland and the conditions that allow us to do so.

We learned how to look for and identify the origin of various food fruit/veg and food items. At home we looked to identify the origins of food items that we could find in the fridge or cupboards etc.

We brought in food labels, took photos, and identified on blank maps of the world, the origins.  It was in interesting to see just how far some of our fruit/veg has travelled to get here and learn about some new countries and where they are in the world too.

We learned about and how to identify the Bord Bia quality mark and what it means when we find it on a label.

We used the I pads to help up to classify a list of various fruits and veg and sort them into 2 groups, grown in Ireland and grown abroad.

Overall, we learned a lot about where our food labels, food origins and the Bord Bia Quality Assurance Mark