Scientists in the making in Junior Infants

We had a great time taking part in Science Week this week, investigating and experimenting every day!

  • On Monday, we learned about Alexander Graham Bell who made the telephone. We made a telephone and had great fun taking turns calling each other.
  • On Tuesday, we were feeling very excited as we completed our experiment of mixing a bottle of Diet Coke with mentos.

  • On Wednesday, we were feeling very peckish for a sweet treat after completing our Skittles experiment. We loved watching the dye run off the skittles and creating a lovely rainbow effect.


  • On Thursday, we created our very own bubble mixture and learned that a wet surface was essential for blowing bubbles on the table!


  • Finally, on Friday we joined into the SFI Live Science Party, watching some more cool experiments. Then we took a trip to our friends in 6th class who had done some of their own investigations and experiments. They were great at discussing their projects with us.